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Contractor Insurance in Guilford

If you are a Guilford, CT contractor, we represent every conceivable construction program in Guilford, CT. We can get you "The Right Coverage" at great rates!

Are You a Tri-State Contractor Who Is Unhappy With Their General Umbrella Liability, Liability, Auto, Bond, or Workers' Compensation Rates or Coverage? Let Us Try To Fit You Into One of Our Construction Insurance Programs and if We Can, Save You Up To 40% and Get Better Coverage!

Here's What We Can Offer You:

1. We offer the top construction programs in the tri-state area (especially Guilford, CT).

2. Some are semi-exclusive to a few agencies, ours being one. If we can fit you into one of these programs, you'll receive great coverage, rates, and expert advice. We helped a Queen's contractor in Guilford, CT reduce their Liability Premium from $375,000 to $197,000. They obtained a "Cadillac" policy that no client or municipality has issues with. We offer great General Contractor Insurance programs too!

3. We offer great General Contractor Insurance programs too in Guilford, CT!

4. Does your policy have a "Labor Law Exclusion?" Restrictive Contractual Liability? Subcontractor Hammer Clause? Interior height restriction? Exterior height restriction? Do these height restrictions apply to you and your subs? Do you have the Right Subcontractor Insurance in Guilford, CT?Is your policy pricing based on gross receipts?

5. Would it be better for you if based on payroll and subcontractor costs? Do you have Primary/Non Contributory coverage? Blanket Additional Insured coverage? Does your Blanket Additional Insured cover everyone required to be covered under contracts you sign? Do you have Blanket Waiver of Subrogation coverage in Guilford, CT? If we can fit you into one of our programs, we can get rid of some of the exclusions Surplus & Excess Line Carriers incorporate in their policies and get you better coverage and pricing.

6. You know how some large insurance organizations have considerable buying leverage due to the volume of business? We do hundreds of millions in premium so we usually can get great deals for our clients. We represent the Best Contractor Insurance Companies in Guilford, CT. We also offer Business Insurance for any type of business owner. The beauty of our office is you get the benefit of our pricing leverage BUT "We Personally Treat Every Client Like They Were a $10 Million Dollar Account." No more waiting for anything!

7. Most agencies are generalists. They sell policies having no clue about the exclusions, warranties, or restrictions. This places many contractors in great financial jeopardy. We are Construction Insurance Specialists and have 42+ years of experience. Instead of taking hours to research your account, we have a team that brainstorms and then knows what to do. You get this help for FREE by contacting us. We offer great Commercial Insurance Solutions in Guilford, CT for the construction industry.

Contractor Insurance Guilford - Connecticut

1. Do you need bid or performance bonds in Guilford, CT? We have a separate department for bonding. Need higher limits? Lower rates? Expert advice? Whatever you need, we can help.

2. Do you have the right Contractor Equipment Insurance in Guilford, CT? You have to know what perils most likely cause loss. Designing the right protection can save you lots of headaches and avoid costing you tens of thousands in uncovered claims in Guilford, CT. Call 866-925-1508 for help today!

3. Are you paying exorbitant premiums for your Commercial Umbrella Liability Policy in Guilford, CT? The pricing for this coverage has gone through the roof! We have programs only a handful of agencies represent. If we can fit you into one of them you can end up saving a fortune with much better protection.

4. A lot of General Contractor Insurance Liability Policies require subs to carry proper coverage. Some insurance companies in Guilford, CT attach very restrictive "Hammer Clause Endorsements" to their policies. Failure to meet all conditions can cause a claim to be denied or be subject to a substantial deductible. Would you like help to screen your Subcontractor's Insurance Policies? We can DO THAT FOR YOU! Not only doing so protects you in the event of a claim but it can help fit you into one of our better programs, saving you money and offering you comprehensive protection.

Top Rated Contractor Insurance in Guilford, CT

5. Are you a subcontractor in Guilford, CT who needs help understanding General Contractor Insurance Requirements? Want to make sure you have the right coverage before you sign agreements? We can help!

6. Unhappy with your Workers' Compensation company, pricing, or service? We have a program that offers some of the lowest rates in the tri-state area as well as better protection (it is not a state program).

BUYER BEWARE! Do you take jobs out of state for weeks at a time? If you have your Workers Comp through a state or assigned risk plan, you may be exposed to a substantial uncovered financial liability in Guilford, CT.

7. For example, you are a Guilford contractor who has a 2-month job in Guilford, CT. One of your employees, who lives in Guilford, CT, gets hurt and decides to File Insurance Claim in Guilford, CT. Since CT state plan usually covers CT state operations, they may deny the claim stating you needed Guilford, CT workers compensation policy.

8. You could be out of pocket, tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our programs can cover multi-state operations. We can do for YOU what most other agencies don't offer. Try to fit you into a top program. Design a policy where the exclusions, limitations, and restrictions are tailored to your needs. Screen your Subcontractor's Insurance in Guilford, CT. Help with bid and performance bonds. Help with Group Health Insurance and all Personal Lines coverages. Treat yourself like you are the only account in the world that matters regardless of size because that is what YOU deserve and how we treat people.

About BGES Group Insurance

BGES Group a Leading Commercial Insurance Provider is a full-service agency offering Property, Inland Marine, General Liability, Umbrella Liability, Business Auto, Bid & Performance Bonds, Workers' Compensation, and Worker's Compensation Premium Recovery, Guilford State Disability, Commercial Health Insurance and more. We offer Соnѕultаtiоn on Vаriоuѕ Riѕk Management Issues too in Guilford, CT.

Areas of Specialty: Construction Insurance – Looking for lower rates &/or better coverage? We represent just about every conceivable program available for Guilford Contractors (We Cover The Tri-State Area); Workers' Compensation Insurance For All Types of Business; Commercial Insurance for all types of business owners; Special Discounted Property & Liability Programs for Соmmеrсiаl Rеаl Еѕtаtе Owners; Group Health Insurance in Guilford, CT.

We also offer Personal Lines Insurance such as Homeowners, Auto, Boat, Individual Health, Life, Long-Term Disability, Long-Term Care, Annuities, and much, much more! Looking to Орtimizе Уоur Financial Positions in Guilford, CT, turn to us for help.

What differentiates us from other agencies is our "boutique, never have to wait for service." Not only do we design the Most Ѕuitаblе Insurance package in Guilford, CT but you get to deal with one person who knows your account inside and out!

We differentiate ourselves by giving clients very personal care. When you call we immediately answer the phone. Emails are responded to immediately. Texts too. Tired of waiting, being placed on hold, being told your "CSR" is away from their desk, out to lunch, or on vacation? That won't happen with us and the best part, YOU ALWAYS get a friendly, helpful person to talk to when you call. Isn't that refreshing?

Prоblеm-Sоlvеrѕ - Truѕtеd Adviѕеrѕ - Induѕtrу Lеаdеrѕ. However уоu think оf us, wе strive to do more fоr оur customers. Wе аrе here to help design a Workers' Compensation program in Guilford, CT that fits YOUR needs. Call at 866-925-1508 and get help today!"

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